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Ok, once and done.

If you don’t want women to have abortions…teach them about birth control.

If you don’t want a woman aborting your baby…wear a freakin’ rubber.

Anti-Abortion/anti-choice isn’t about saving babies…if it were:

  • The people wanting these restrictive abortion laws wouldn’t also be trying to cut funding to welfare and education.  They would want to help these kids once they got into the world, not just before.
  • They would also be trying to get the boys/men to step up and take responsibility and not putting all the blame on the girls/women.

Anti-Abortion/anti-choice is about controlling women…misogyny at it’s finest under the guise of caring.

  • Why else would only women be held accountable?
  • Why else would these new bills being introduced only target the women that are pregnant and not the men getting them pregnant?
  • Why else would the rhetoric be “well she shouldn’t have had sex in the first place” when it is pretty obvious she didn’t have sex with herself?
  • Why else would they promote abstinence only when they know good and well people aren’t going to stop having sex?
  • Why else would the male gender never EVER be included in any of these bills?
  • Why else are men and boys that got the women/girls pregnant never implicated in these so called “fetus murders”?

Anti-Abortion/anti-choice really doesn’t care if women die from back alley abortions.

  • I know this because I was told personally, by an anti-choicer, that it was a woman’s punishment if something terrible happened to her since she had an abortion.


I have 2 kids.  I know what it is like to be pregnant.  I know the hell I went though with my daughter.  I know of women whose very lives were threatened by pregnancy and childbirth.  Women still die in childbirth and pregnancy through no fault of their own. This should be a choice made of love and commitment. I would never dream of forcing a woman to go through what I went through, much less what is possible she could go through.

Old, crusty white men who never have been – and never will be – pregnant nor understand what it is like to be pregnant or give birth should not be the ones who decide this.

You want less abortions…teach your kids about sex and birth control and stop letting your boys off the parental hook.

Otherwise…get the hell out of our uteri.

There are so many congressmen in my uterus right now, I’m not even sure a fetus would fit.


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