Comment Policy

UPDATED: Feb. 16, 2017

Ye have been warned: Trolls are not welcome here.

While I encourage lively and INTELLIGENT debate, I will not tolerate certain kinds of comments here.

1. FIRST AND FOREMOST: MY HOUSE, MY RULES. IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT…LEAVE. This isn’t about free speech.  Free speech is about Gov’t controlling speech, not personal blogs. You are free to open your own blog and write about me or whatever else it is you want and spew as much stupid and hate as you want.

However, just like I won’t allow you to enter my physical house and bully me…I won’t allow it here either.  There are a few places that offer free blog space like Blogspot and WordPress.  Find one and have a good time bashing/flaming/being mean.  Just don’t do it here.

2.  I don’t always reply to comments or comment on other blogs that leave comments. It isn’t that I don’t appreciate the attention, but that is not my purpose here.  I do find the time to at least visit the blogs in question, but unless I actually have something legitimate to say to further the conversation, I won’t bother.

I also don’t expect anyone to comment on my blog either or reply to my comments just because they feel obligated.  I did that in the beginning, and sometimes it would take a whole day just to comment on things like “thanks for visiting!” Life is too short to be stressing over something like that. If I have something to say or add, I will.bwored

3. I will not allow any flaming of me or anyone else on my blog. This is just common courtesy. I realize that for many people the internet/computer is a way to vent pent up anger and frustration that they normally would not even say to their own friends and family. However, if you WOULDN’T say it to friends, family, or in public in general, don’t say it on my blog.

4. It is one thing to not agree, it is something else to totally be an a*ss. This is the most important rule, actually.You don’t have to agree with me, but you also don’t have to be a*ss while you disagree. If all you can say is something asinine, don’t bother.

I reserve the right to judge posts as being asinine or not based on my own opinion. You can disagree all you want, just be intelligent about it and don’t attack me for my opinions or choices.

5. Please at least use spell check and proof-read your comments. I HATE having to figure out what the h*ell you are talking about because of mis-spellings and bad grammar. Chances are I won’t even bother and delete the comment. That isn’t to say the occasional typo can’t occur-but PLEASE by the love of all that is holy do not submit a comment if every other word is mis-spelled to the point I have not clue what the h*ell you are talking about.

This also goes for run on sentences, no punctuation and non-words such as “u r”. I realize that you may not be a stellar typist or even typing on your phone, however the comment box isn’t going anywhere. You have plenty of time to peck out a decent and coherent comment so you don’t sound like an idiot – not to mention that it lessens the effect of your point and you would not be taken seriously. Sorry, but as a budding editor it just gets burns my biscuits.

AND..for the record…if you leave a comment that is poorly written out of spite – All it does it make me laugh at your elementary school antics and prove you are a troll. See rules 7 and 8.

6. Do not type in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. Contrary to what a lot of people think, it is more difficult to read. It is one thing to punctuate what you are saying with the occasional capital letter word or phrase, but all caps will get deleted as I have bad eyesight and am unable to read your comment. The words merge together in my vision and I just can’t read it.

If you must post in all one case, make it lower case. The changes in the size of the letters are easy to notice and read.

If you cannot see what you are typing and say that is why you type in all caps-then you need to get (new) glasses, or better yet hit CTRL then + on your keyboard. You can hit the + as many times as you need to get the text large enough to read.

7. I reserve the right to post and/or make fun of your comment if I feel the desire to do so. I wanted to put that out there just in case someone submits something that is offensive in a funny way.  Including if you break one of the rules just to be contrary. This also depends on what kind of mood I am in.

8. I reserve the right to alter/change/edit any comment as I see fit. I might do it to glorify me and my blog or totally make the comment author seem more like an a*ss than they already are. I may also take out links if you are selling something. Seriously, ask first.

You have been warned.

9. Last but not least, if it gives me a headache to read it, I ain’t gonna allow it. It’s that simple.

NOTE:  Anyone not following these rules will be regarded as a troll and subject to deleted comments and/or banned IPs and accounts.

This list is not exhaustive and in no way complete…there may be more added to it as I can think of things to add. So don’t bother with “But…I complied with your comment policy!!” argument. If you are being an a*ss you aren’t following the policy.