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One Down, Three to Go & Other Mundanities

Yesterday was the end of my Shakespeare class. I am not sure I enjoyed it. They wanted to start final projects right off the bat on the first week – which is ok – but my instructor was late in getting feedback to us before the next assignment. How can I use the feedback for the next assignment if I don’t get the feedback in time? I think this is the biggest issue with going to school online, the instructors usually don’t make the lesson plans and are only there to grade papers and answer questions. Either way, I start my next class next week. I only have three more to go before I finally finish with my B.A. Yay!

That said, not sure what to do after. I am nervous trying to do freelance. Not sure where to start. I really just want to edit, but again, not sure where to start. ūüė¶

Other news:

My cat, Clarebear hurt himself. Again. Though, we have a good shot of NOT having to do surgery on the poor little guy. He managed to tear the meniscus in his knee on the good leg. We weren’t here when he did it so my guess is he tried to jump on something – he is terrible at usual cat things and doesn’t jump well – and landed on his good leg since he doesn’t like using the one that was broken and wrenched his little knee. We came home to him barely able to move.


When we took him to the vet they didn’t catch the knee, but said he may have bone cancer from a lesion they saw in the xray. She referred us to the local animal hospital and the specialists there said that it wasn’t cancer, probably an old injury that healed weird (they will keep an eye on it anyway) and his real problem is injury and fluid on his knee. We gave him some good pain meds for a few days and, unfortunately, he is stuck back in the pack n play for bed rest. The surgeon said resting it for a few weeks might make it heal so he won’t need surgery. He seems soo much better so we are hoping that is the case.¬†I wheel him in front of the front door sometimes so he can look out and not be completely bored in the pen.

We also finally got Hubs’s latest book edited and almost ready to go out. At least I hope so, I hope we didn’t miss too much like we did with Within the Ice (which is on my list to re-edit!)! It will be available soon!

Last week I also had to deal with cold showers. Whenever I told anyone in the house they all but told me I was crazy as they were able to use the hot water. Finally, Saturday night hubs got in the shower and it was cold for him, too. That is when he decided to call the tech out to look. Turns out it is much worse than no hot water-we have a leak in our boiler system that caused an air bubble. Sigh. This means we need a new boiler. Those are not cheap. We had plans to redo the bathrooms this year, but it seems some of that money is going to have to go for the boiler now.

I hate it when I am right.

The whole thing reminded me of when you say something isn’t working on your computer and someone says it is working on theirs. Doesn’t matter. There could still be an issue and you are just lucky enough not to see it.

In other words, don’t discount someone’s experience just because it is different than your own.

You may end up with a cold shower, too.



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