Writing, Birthdays & Hobbies

This month I will be 41 years old. How time flies! I am not sure how I feel about this as I feel like I did when I turned 40. I do feel a little burned out and bummed out by a lot of things. Anxiety over the news feels like acid on my nerves. My kids don’t want to do their classwork (they do their homework though. Go figure!) and I want to go to Grad school for a Master’s degree but not sure how exactly I can pay for it and not get even more student loans.

After having so many creative writing classes in a row I am kinda “written out” at the moment. I still like sewing but there is only so many things you can sew (poet and didn’t know it!) and I ran out of those juices a while back, too.  I needed a new hobby, but something creative. After piddling around on the interwebs (to be honest I am not sure how or why I decided on this) I decided to start making homemade soap.

Did you know there is a kind of sub-culture for soap making? My husband thinks I am starting a fight club…


I have to say I have learned a lot from researching this hobby. I learned what saponification is, that if you add water to lye instead of lye to water it will explode or cause a “volcano”, that lye is very caustic and will burn you if you aren’t careful and add too much to your soap. It’s really fascinating and very science-y!

It is said you can use your kitchen stuff, I didn’t feel comfortable with that so I spent more than $100 for new stuff – bowls, stick blender, etc. Then I spent another $114 on supplies such as lye (yes, doing it from scratch!), scents and colorants. I found lots of recipes for fruit purees and milk soap and cold-process soap and hot-process soap.  I really didn’t think there was so much that went into making soap!

I ordered my supplies the other day, they will be here on my birthday (Happy Birthday me!) and I will begin my soap-making adventure. Gonna start simple (bought a basic kit for beginners) to get the feel of it, then gonna start making up my own recipes. I am super excited and, while I am not going to do it for money, I look forward to handing out soap that other people will use.

I have a couple of friends willing to be guinea pigs and test out the soap I make. Who knows…maybe doing something with my hands but not really having to create worlds in my head will help me find some inspiration for my writing. 🙂

Oh, and don’t worry. I will be posting here my observations/creations!



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5 responses to “Writing, Birthdays & Hobbies

  1. PaperPuff

    I have always fancied giving soap making a go. I will be interested to read your experiments!

    • Greetings! There are two different ways, for the most part. From scratch with lye and melt and pour. The melt and pour is what I call “craft soap” because it is the soap base with the lye and what-not already done. You melt it, then add your stuff and let it reset. I think it is the easier of the two and a lot of people like it that way. However, you don’t get to choose what goes in your base. From scratch you get to use different blends of oils for the saponification process (this makes the “soap” in soap). That is what I will be doing. I hope my adventures gives you an idea of what it is like!

  2. Well, for what its worth from a total stranger – Happy Birthday!

    • Greetings and thank you! When you get to my age it seems the most you get is a Happy Birthday in passing. From a stranger is good!