Weeny Arms

A few years ago DH and I saw the movie The Happening. For those of you who haven’t seen it, it is about plants taking revenge on people and making people kill themselves. It wasn’t a stellar movie by any means and Mark Wahlberg spends most of the movie looking very lost and confused.

I have to confess, this is how I have been feeling for over a year now. It seems like the country is going to shit one way or another, I am still dealing with my mother’s death from last March (I am told that never goes away), and my tenure as school student is coming to an end at the end of this year and I have no clue where to go from there. Do I continue to get my M.A. and go into teaching? Do I stick with my B.A.? I need an adultier adult!

The Happening - Mark Wahlberg

This is what I look like..Very lost and very confused.

In an effort to take back some control and not be so lost and confused I have decided to take on some semblance of an exercise regimen. You may remember, if you have been reading  my blog all along (Thanks for sticking with me!) that a few  years ago I had some pretty serious surgeries. Three to be exact – one were they took out a Fallopian tube, another where I had a hysterectomy (wish I could have done that one sooner!) and a breast reduction surgery. The only one planned for was the last one. The two previous ones were more or less unplanned for emergencies. Which brings me to now. That year was hell on wheels and while I don’t regret a minute of it (OMG I feel a thousand times a thousand better for all of it!), it really did a number on my body. I wasn’t able to do much of anything that year either because I was recovering from surgery or dealing with the aftermath.

I had been noticing lately that my arms get really tired just brushing my hair. Then I realized that after I had the boob surgery, I wasn’t able to really use my arms in any meaningful way for a while afterwords due to swelling and pain. Now, I used to have a pretty kickin’ strong body, but kids and surgeries and age do not do well to keep that up. When I was in the high school color guard, we called this condition “weeny arms”. We did a lot of push-ups to get our arms strong to be able to catch a 3lb wooden rifle properly and not give ourselves black eyes (yea, I did that once). And yes, in high school, I got to where I could do proper push-ups (on the toes, proper form with straight back, down to the ground and back up) at 10 push-ups a rep at 10 reps. Now, at almost 41 years old and after 2 c-sections and 3 more surgeries, I have weeny arms once again.

Therefore, I have started a “100 Push-up” program. Ok, I will be honest that I’m not really following it. I read up on it and got the gist and doing my own thing. My goal is 5 reps of whatever many push-ups I can do Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Which is what the program I read talked about. Doing so many reps every other day with weekends off. The idea is to slowly build up your strength and stamina until finally at about 6 weeks you can do 100 push-ups. I want to say, my goal really isn’t do to 100 push-ups, my goal is to make my arms and core strong like they used to be. This is my second “day off” and so my abs are screaming at me every time I have to sneeze. However, the second day (yesterday) that I did my reps I could do more than the two days before. That isn’t saying a whole lot…I could only do 3 at a time on Monday and I only did 5 at a time yesterday…but hey…2 extra a rep is a big deal when you can barely brush your hair! I also intend to get back into my yoga practice…once the soreness of my abs subside…maybe next week.

Or the week after.

Who knows.




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  1. hey, just keep at it…at least that’s my strategy!. great to see you are still posting.

    • Hi there! Yea, I am still here. Life just gets in the way I don’t have the energy to really post like I used to. I just got the notice that this blog is 10 years old!! A lot has changed in 10 years!