Happy New Year!

I know, I am late to the game here. However, in  my we have all been sick since Thanksgiving with something or other. Pod ended up with walking pneumonia and thought she may have to go to the hospital. When we finally got a combo of antibiotics that worked and got her well, Hubs came down with pneumonia as well. Then BH ended up with a stomach virus. We managed to be well during Christmas, but then Hubs and I both got hit with a wicked cold. Now we are finally recovering and trying to get the energy up to put away the Christmas stuff.

In other news, this should be my last year at SNHU. My last class end in November. I am not sure how I feel about that…kinda scary knowing I have student loans to pay off! All and all I think it did help me to be better at editing and maybe even at writing. We will see!



Time to go back and sit on the couch and get warm. It finally decided to be winter here!


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