I Need Your Parent Stories!

Greetings reader!

I am posting this message to ask for help on a personal project. I would ask those of you who are willing to use the form below and tell me some things that you were surprised to find out being a parent. It could be about being pregnant, it could be about after the baby is born. It could be about older kids, babies…it could be something that you realized about your own parents now that you are a parent.. all I ask is that you do NOT hold back. I want the good, the bad and the ugly (hence you use the form so you don’t have to worry about judgment). I want all your stories about how you felt then and how you feel now even if you hated it before but love it now, I want ALL THE FEELS!!

I wanted to do a project like this because of my own struggles when I had my son with PPD and PPA. It feels very lonely when you are having some pretty crazy thoughts and feelings that no one prepared you for. We are used to this happy Hallmark idea of parenthood until we are a parent, then we realize it isn’t always smiley-happy-fun-times. If there is something you wished someone would have told you, something you wish you had support on and would like to offer support for that for someone else, if you just want to let other parents know that you made it out the other side and they can too…let me know.

But this isn’t just about the bad times, either. I want to hear your good stories, too. The times that made it all worthwhile can lift someone up as well.

This is for dads, moms, step-parents, and adoptive parents…tell me your story. Give me a memory. Give me a quote. Anything you want to share!

The plan is to compile them into a book about parenting and will attribute the stories/quotes accordingly (unless you want to be anon, then just let me know). I may have questions, let me know if I can contact you but don’t stress if you don’t want me to. I won’t be offended! Sit back, think on it a bit and tell me your story.


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