Wow, It’s been a while.

As I was posting my discussion to my class today, I realized I haven’t posted in a while. I felt the need to let the few of you who do follow know that I am still here, alive, though barely sometimes. I had tough term last term, failed one of my classes. That is ok though as I will be retaking that class at a later date. Because of this, I had to scale back my classes to one a term in stead of two. I just can’t handle two I think now that we are getting more writing intensive. This puts my graduation off a little, but that is ok. Better to do it slower and longer than burn out.

Babyhead has been having  much better school year, we have been very happy with his teachers. He is still struggling a little with things, but the teachers this year seem to be more inclined to help figure out solutions instead of just saying he needs meds. For example, they realized he struggles with writing…he obsesses over his penmanship…so they let him type up all his writing papers on the computer. He comes homes most days a happy boy and goes to school most days happy. That is a big deal for us!

BH also had his 11th birthday. Eleven…where has the time gone! Next year he will be in middle school. Sigh.

Next is we are heading back to Disney…again. BH said he regretted not doing a few things while we were there last time so we made a point to make a small vaca for him this time around. It is part of his birthday present. When we told him he got all emotional on us. That let us know we made the right decision. This also means we are scrimping and saving so we can pay for this with cash. We are managing but also doing without a lot of things. I am hoping the kids don’t grow too much to have to buy new clothes before spring…

Clarebear broke his leg a few months ago. Poor kitty. Actually it was his hip. When they did xrays they realized it was his second break…we didn’t know about the first one. It was awful – they had to do surgery as the head of his femur was stuck in the socket. They had to take that out, clean out the socket and grind down the femur. Cats apparently don’t get replacement hips like people do so he has a bit of a limp now but good as new.

Clarebear Recovering from Surgery

Clarebear had to be confined for a time while he leg healed.

Hubs took place in a HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) tournament.  Basically long sword fencing.  While he did make it to the elimination rounds, he was out the first fight in it. In all he did 6 fights and did pretty well considering it’s his first tournament. We spend the weekend in DC at the Gaylord Resort. OMG that place was huge!

HEMA Tournament

Hubs is on the right with the sword up.

We had snow dumped on us by Blizzard Jonas though it has been so warm it is all melting. I am secretly glad…I love snow but I get sick of having feet of snow everywhere.

Snow 2016

My front yard while it was snowing.

I guess that is about it for now. I have to get back to my school work!



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