Screenplay Assignment: The Lifeboat

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This screenplay was inspired by the discussion post in my Philosophy class. It is my first attempt at a screenplay and the last writing assignment of this term.

The Lifeboat

 Neal: The man chosen as the leader of the lifeboat by the survivors of the shipwreck.
Larry: Neal’s friend, one of the few who made it into the lifeboat.
Setting: The setting is the middle of the ocean with flotsam and dead bodies in the water. Neal,
Larry and a 20 others made it into a lifeboat.

Larry: (concerned) We are running out of supplies. Most of the supplies we could have fished out of the water have sunk where we can’t get to them. We only have a few more days of food, at most and a couple of people are showing signs of some kind of sickness.

Neal: I know.

Larry: Dude, what are we going to…

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