World’s Greatest Husband

I have been sick for over two weeks. I never got over the illness that I picked up in Disney which turned into a bacterial infection in my throat (not sure if it is strep, wasn’t tested, just put on meds for infection).  I went to the doctor last Thursday because my throat was just getting more and more sore. That morning when I woke my kids up to go to school my son had a 102 temp so I had to take him to the doctor as well. We both were put on antibiotics for bacterial infections (he has a sinus infection) and we have been pretty much laid up since then.

I have been running a low fever (99 to 100.5) off and on so it is just enough for me to feel like total shit. BH has been running his 102 fever off and on and has severe headaches from his sinuses…so we have been camped out in the living room on the couches. A bucket for nausea and supplied with 7Up, Tylenol and Advil.

This whole time, Hubs has been wonderful. He has been understandably annoyed because not only is he taking on caring for me, but for our son as well as doing the normal stuff I would do like cooking and dishes and getting Podling off to school and homework done. Still, he does it without question.

Tonight we ran out of 7Up. It is the only thing I can drink and not be sick at my stomach. Hubs went out to the Walgreens down the street…at 10:00 pm … to get me 7Up. That is a good man. No complaint or question. He asked me what I needed, I told him and he just went to get it.

There are, of course, many other good qualities of my husband and I try to let him know how much I appreciate it every day. This is the mark of a true man. One who isn’t scared to take on all the responsibilities when his wife is sick.  I truly think a lot of men could learn from Hubs. He is one heck of a man. ❤


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