Family Vacations are Evil

DH decided he wanted to take his parents on a real vacation. His dad always talked about how he wanted to pack everyone up and take them to Disney World…so that is where we went. Me, DH, BH, Podling, FIL, MIL, and SIL all packed in a van driving to Disney World.

Driving 16 hours to Disney world.


With 7 people.

16 hours.

See, DH and I have this 15 hour driving thing down. We drive to Tennessee every year to see my family. We pack snacks so we only have to stop to eat once (otherwise we get fast food and eat in the car if need be). Only stop at rest stops unless we need gas for the car and pack a “hotel” bag with essentials for when we decide to make the trip two days instead of one. This is the bag we take in for the night that has our meds and night clothes in it so we don’t have to unpack the car. We put the clothes on that we were wearing the day before with the intention of chancing/showering when we get to our destination. When we stop, the goal is to get out, get what we need/do what we need and get back in the car ASAP.  We are like a well oiled machine. The kids have learned our ways. We are efficient and we always make very good time.

Except this trip.

FIL, MIL and SIL – henceforth called “the family”- did not like our drill instructor ways. We had stopped for lunch – our “one stop to eat” earlier in the day at a Chili’s. This of course too a lot longer than it should have. The Family also smokes. So there were also smoke breaks…20 minute ones..every single time we stopped to pee on the way down and back up.  DH was the only one driving (he chose this, I offered to take over, he refused) so this added a considerable amount of time onto the already really long trip. So, on the way down it took a lot longer than it should have and The Family decided that the 10:30pm it was going to be before we stopped was too late to eat since they didn’t want to eat and then go to bed – So we had to stop again at a Waffle House because they didn’t want fast food. Another 1.5 hours added to the trip. We get going again and then a huge storm swept in over Savannah, Ga. just as we approached. We had to stop sooner than we wanted because DH didn’t want to drive in a massive storm. This means we were NOT going to make Disney by 11 am the next morning.

Deep breaths. We can manage.

We finally get into Orlando the next day around noontime and damn if we didn’t almost get into an accident 3 times before we could even get to Disney. Crazy drivers on phones, weaving in and out. DH had a white knuckle grip on the wheel. We get to Disney, get to our resort and check in. As we start to get our gear out of the car is begins to rain. Naturally. It’s ok. We expected this.

Did I mention that this day was my birthday?

Disney World

We started our Magic Kingdom in the middle of one of the parades.

We dump our gear in the rooms and head out to Magic Kingdom. The family can’t decide on what to do, where to go and spend 30 minutes asking, “What do you want to do?” I wander off a little ways for Pod to look at something and I am labeled as rude for not wanting to sit around so everyone got huffy accuse I was trying to avert the  meltdown of a bored 6yr old.

The Family goes their way, we go ours and eventually meet up back on Tony’s Restaurant in Town Square for dinner, then head back to the hotel. We all pass out in our hotel in spite of the air conditioning in our room not working. Some birthday.

The next day is Drinking around the world day! Turned out pretty good. The kids were with the G’rents, SIL came with us and met up with some gaming friends in Epcot’s World Showcase. Tried some REAL shepherd’s pie with lamb in it. Not really my thing.

Drinking Around the World - First stop was England and Shepherd's Pie.

Drinking Around the World – First stop was England and Shepherd’s Pie.

We ended the night eating at the Coral Reef. The atmosphere was amazing because you got to eat  next to these enormous fish tanks and sharks and turtles would swim by, but if you aren’t into seafood this isn’t the place for you. They did have steak on the menu though. The next day we had the kids and the G’rents went on the anniversary date day. Me, DH, SIL and the kids went to Epcot and had a good time riding Mission Space and such. SIL was not impressed with Mission Space and got nauseous.

The rest of the week we stayed together but we managed to somehow sync everything. DH, SIL and I went on the hunt for various rides while the G’rents did things with the kids. We managed to get on Space Mountain (that one with the Podling), Splash Mountain, Tower of Terror and eventually on the last day we managed to get on the Seven Dwarves Mine Train at 11pm at night. I will say that the parks at night are AWESOME and beautiful. Saturday The Family, DH and Pod went to Magic Kingdom while BH and I went to Downtown Disney to the Lego store.

Finally rode the Mine Train. All was well in Disney World.

Me and DH after we finally rode the Mine Train. All was well in Disney World.

Then the hell of coming home started.

The bus from Magic Kingdom to the resort took over an hour. We left much later than we had intended. We barely got out of Florida before we stopped for the night. The next day we had a hard time getting The Family out the door. They wanted to stay and eat at the hotel we stayed at. DH said no so everyone was a little grumpy. Every time we stopped to be they had a smoke break for 20 minutes which added on time to get home. It took us 16 hours to get home on Sunday…that is how long it should have taken the whole trip of we drove straight through. The Travel God’s were not on our side that day.

Top all that off with the Disney Pox (similar to PAX Pox) that Podling and I have. At least we are home and sick and not still at Disney! I know this post doesn’t flow well, but I wanted to post and I still have the Disney Pox and so still doped up on Nyquil. I will say I plan to never go on another big family vaca again. While we did have a good time, I am not sure I want to go through the the annoyances again.

Ok, got that out of the way. Now for a drug induced Nyquil Sleep. Farewell.

Good night. Sweet dreams.

Good night. Sweet dreams.



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