I should be writing.

Because I can’t be expected to post to two blogs in one day. 🙂

Uncombed Cats & Cross-eyed Hens


Yea, I should be. In my defense I have been working on school and really trying to put 100% to that. I passed my first class, though I am not so sure about these next to classes. I have a couple of people from school who are going to join me in a Camp NaNo cabin – Which is good because I do want some accountability there. I also have an idea for a Camp NaNo story. I am not sure if I can turn it into a full grown novel, but I can write and see where it goes. I am actually really excited about it! I have been mulling it over and putting down ideas for a while waiting for April 1.

To recap, a lot went on last year, a lot has went on these past few months. I am trying to find my groove so I…

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