Strong and Brave

I have two children. The oldest, a boy, is 10. We are struggling with the school at the moment. They are trying to get him on medication for ADHD instead of actually trying to find out what may be his issues with school. While we accept he probably has some kind of learning disability, we are not totally on board with the ADHD thought because we aren’t seeing it. It is just our instincts that it isn’t a problem. This is frustrating to us as well as him and we are working with a therapist, the pediatrician and the people at school to get this sorted and get him on the right track.

My youngest, a girl, is 6. We don’t have any issues with her so far other than her not wanting to read her books for the 100 Step  Challenge. Everyone loves her, says she is sweet and kind and a ray of sunshine.

Today I got a call from the boy’s (aka Babyhead or BH) support teacher.  My daughter (aka Podling or Pod) decided that she was going to write BH’s teacher a letter and had her teacher give it to BH’s teacher.  I have to paraphrase because I don’t have the actual letter (though I would love to have it).

She said that Mrs. K should stop being mean to BH, that she (Mrs K) just has a problem with her attitude and that she (Pod) should know because she is strong and brave.

I apologized just to make sure it didn’t complicate things. However, she won’t be in trouble for it.

Because we are proud of her.

Proud because she  strong enough to stand up for other people.

Proud because she is brave enough to face the odds against her.

I worry about my son. He has a rough road ahead and we are doing everything we can to help him along with it.

I don’t worry about my daughter. Not anymore.

She is strong and brave.



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