Well, almost. I finished my final exam with a decent grade. All the discussion board work for this week is done. All that is left to do now is revise my final milestone draft. Even then, all I my professor said was for me to have someone proofread it for errors. I say that is pretty damn good!  No more agonizing over what needs to be written, just fix the mistakes. Yay me!

I have to say it feels odd to be done with a class, but not done with a class. We still have one more week for discussion and reply on the board, but I have until the Tuesday after that to turn in my paper. I can’t do the discussion ahead of time because it isn’t posted yet so I have a good long week of nothing school related to do (the discussion for next week isn’t technically do until Thursday a week from today).

I guess I should get started on housework.

Maybe not.


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