Working, working, working

I am slowly struggling through this class. I have a draft of the final project paper due and a final exam due soon. I will be honest, I am worried. But then again, I am always worried. I will say though, all this work on goal setting has got me to thinking a lot so maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing. I just wish it wasn’t 8 weeks of goal setting…

I did find some music to work to on Slacker. I used them for a while, then stopped. They changed the way they did things and they way they looked.  For a while you couldn’t listen to more than an hour or so for free, so I just dumped the service all together and started using my Sirius account. We were already paying for it, why pay for another service. Anyway, I was going through some of my Chrome bookmarks and found where I had bookmarked Slacker. Decided to see if they changed anything, and they did! It is more like it used to be and you can still listen for free. You can only skip 6 songs a day though without a subscription. I find that reasonable. I am sure the premium has a lot more bells and whistles too that I didn’t look into. The coolest thing though is you can search for playlists related to activities. I searched for Studying and I have to say it is really nice. I am glad I gave it another chance.

I dug out my yoga dvd the day before yesterday. I wasn’t able to get close to doing the whole hour, but I did some of it. I ended up with sore muscles! That is a good thing though. I intend on doing a little more today. Now that all my surgeries are over and the kids are in school full time, I actually have time to devote to it. I have decided to make it part of my lunch routine.

That’s it for now. Just wanted to check in and make an effort to not let the blog fall by the wayside. I got a story working inside me and I can get quite distracted. 🙂


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