I am not totally incompetent-

I got the grade for my last paper. I got a 50/50.  I feel a mixture of relief and silliness that I let it stress me out so bad. That said I still have more to write. We don’t have a paper this week, but we have to rewrite all of what we done into one big milestone. Have I mentioned I am not happy that we have to do these papers? That is a whole other post…

I got my reading done for the week and got my discussion question answer posted. Only one other person posted the discussion question so I can’t really reply to anyone yet (have to reply to 2 people, yes it is part of my grade). I do have until Sunday for that so I am hoping a few more people will post.

I think I may take the rest of the week “off”. I really need to get my laundry folded and put away and relax. Too cold for anything else.

Except Skyrim. Maybe I will just play some Skyrim…



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