Frankenboobs Redux

Had to go to my surgeon’s office today. He has been keeping an eye on my scars to make sure they are doing what they are supposed to do. Apparently the scars under my arms (remember the incisions go from between your boobs, all the way under and around to end under your arms) were not acting appropriately. Dr S had me come in and see one of his residents to fix it. You can get “corners” under there where it looks like the corner of a pillow sticking out. I got to have an in office surgery to cut- or “excise”  as they call it- that skin off to make it more smooth. They had a little OR in the office and everything!

I have to say, I had forgotten what it was like to be cut into. The last time I remember it was when I had my son and I could feel Dr T cutting into my stomach. It was numb, but I still felt the skin separate. This time was not like that time. This time it was slightly painful. I would tell Dr P that it hurt, he would give me another shot of pain stuff. It would hurt again, another shot. I will say, it sounds worse than what it was. It’s the tugging when they put the stitches in that makes your stomach turn over.

Anyway, Me, Dr P and his nurse/assistant talked the whole time about a little bit of everything. I wasn’t strapped down or anything, it was all local numbing agents so it wasn’t like before. I kept finding myself all tensed up and had to focus to relax. It didn’t take long to do what he needed to do and stitch me up. A little sore, but not really in pain. Hopefully it stays that way. If not, I got leftover stuff from my hysterectomy.

On a bit of a side note, still happy with the new boobs. Highly recommend it if you are thinking of it. 🙂 The little bras alone are totally worth the headache!


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