Hey, look at that… Memes…

I am almost at the end of week 1 for my Psychology class. I did everything I was suppose to do, read what needed read, answered what needed answered, posted what needed posted. I was expecting more old school Message Board banter – work in the work forum, banter in the social forum, that kind of thing. However, of all the people taking the class with me the only one who has been consistent in posting has been my professor.

This vexes me. I am vexed.40a23835c66525b51c35d8b3eaa19f1e18a10f98b6a2c57258bf7774e2ef4561

After going to ITT for 2 years and getting an Associates Degree, I had expectations of the interaction between students. While I knew it wouldn’t be like going to an actual classroom, I am not stranger to the Internet and message boards and still expected to have some kind of interaction with my fellow students. Alas, this was not the case. So, I resigned myself to a very lonely time getting my degree, at the very least a lonely 5 more weeks.Sad-Owl-Meme-Feels-The-Loneliness-Of-A-Cold-Night

Then I get an email in my school inbox. This email said to join the SNHU Connect. I click on the link and damn if it isn’t a website similar to facebook! You find friends and groups to follow and you post to a newsfeed and see others’ posts. I figure what the hell so I post for the first time. Damn if I didn’t get a few replies in less than an hour. A few are creative writers like me and a few others interested in some of the same things I am.


How cool is that?

I am beginning to think this online thing may not be so bad after all.




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    I know this was a place for my writing, I just wanted my followers to know I am not dead or otherwise abandoned this blog. I have a feeling that once I get into my writing courses I will be posting her more often.

  2. cute! I hated being in class when I was younger but missed interacting/sussing out classmates in online classes…so i think that sounds like a middle ground?

    • Yes. I may even “meet” some of these people later on in my writing classes. One woman I am posting with is a seamstress who is a Civil War re-enactor who makes her own historically accurate dresses. We have been talking sewing a lot and she wants me to post stuff that I have sewn. 🙂 Yay for adult conversation!