Happy New Year!

So, yesterday was a big day. My son turned 10. T E N. It is hard to believe I have a 10yr old son. We also had our annual New Year’s Eve party at our house. Since all my family and close friends are in TN, I Skyped in my sister (I shall call her V)and long term friend (I shall call her A) a few hours before midnight. I would like to say here that normally I don’t drink alcohol a lot which means I have never really had a hangover…until today. Last night I decided to just have fun and while on Skype with V and A we decided to do shots. Somehow I manged to drink more than a half a bottle of Jack Daniels Fire. My face was numb when I went to bed, and I woke up with a headache and sick stomach. I have to say, I don’t see how people can do that on a regular basis. I was seriously re-considering the wisdom of my actions while nursing my hangover. I think it is safe to say I will not be drinking again any time soon. 🙂

I will be talking to my student adviser tomorrow to go over the interface for my class. I will admit, I am a little nervous. Not so much about the school part, but making sure I do what needs to be done online. One of the requirements is I have to post on the boards at least 3 times a week…for some reason I have this fear that I won’t have anything to contribute. I don’t have a chance to back out, already got my loan for this years terms. O_o

I hope everyone else didn’t get too bad of a hangover this morning and has a great year this year. Hopefully this year will be better than the last one!




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