Christmas tree allergies and Christmas gifts…

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Tis the season for live  Christmas trees.  While I totally understand that everyone wants a live tree or live ever green for Christmas…please keep in mind that some people (like me and my family) are ALLERGIC to live evergreen.  Actually, it isn’t an allergy so much as a super sensitivity to the mold that grows on them.  I can’t even go to a Christmas Tree farm without getting sick (made that mistake ONE time).

When you take a live tree and put it in a closed environment, like your house in the winter, it just makes the sensitivity that much worse.  The longer you have the tree in your house, the worse it gets as well.  Some people have allergy symptoms, some are like me and have flu symptoms.  Some may only have a bad headache (I get that too).

Please be considerate of these people!  I have…

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