When Life Gives You Lemons, Demand to See Life’s Manager

So, we got this kitten a few months ago. He is an adorable little kitten and growing like a weed. We also got a puppy a month or so before we got the kitten. He is so friendly and loving and NEEDs to be around us (not always a good thing!). We have another cat that we have had for 2+ years. I love all my animals, even though dog I am a cat person through and through.

2 weeks ago we noticed that the kitten has ringworm on his tail. It looks like a poodle tail in that it has a ball of fur on the very end and then a bare place then fur again. This sucks for many reasons like the fact that no sooner than we noticed the lesion, took him to the vet and get meds (she only gave us oral  anti-fungal meds…probably not the best thing alone) that my son, BH,  injured his neck with his jacket zipper and ended up with ringworm there (ringworm looks for an opening in the skin). A week later DH ended up with is on his elbow. Just a few days ago we noticed it on the dog. A day or so after that we noticed it on our other cat. The animals have become pariahs. Poor animals are dying from lack of affection. 😦 My dog doesn’t know what to do that we aren’t always picking him up and loving on him. 😦 😦

Cheezus and crackers.

Let me just say that yes, you need to treat this like a war. You need the oral meds and you need the topical (apparently we can use the OTC creams for athlete’s foot or even Monistat that is used for women’s yeast infections…just sayin’).  Needless to say we are using the same stuff on our animals that we are using on BH and DH, though we just started doing that 3 days ago (wasn’t sure if you could use that until the vet (a different one than before) said we could). You also have to Lysol the shit out of your house, vacuum the shit out of everything that can’t be washed, and wash everything as often as possible (clothes, towels, bed clothes, etc). While it isn’t super-crazy-easy to get, it is fairly contagious so you have to do these things to make sure it doesn’t just keep spreading everywhere.

Well, tonight I was putting the cream on the kitten’s tail and realized tha,t lo and behold, his little tail wasn’t gross and crusty anymore. It was actually pretty soft and fuzzy! The meds are working. We may be able to see a light at the end of the tunnel soon. Yes, we will still be washing and Lysol-ing and what not…but maybe we can starting loving on our animals again soon.

This is on top of the fact I have managed to write 2100+ words today for NaNo! Double Yay! Let’s hope my luck holds out, that no one else comes down with ringworm and I can write a lot more before the end of the month!


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