So, NaNo

Yea…I have been trying to post at least once a week (though I know I haven’t been), but NaNoWriMo has started and I really need to focus. It isn’t going well, to say the least. So, for now I will say I may not be posting anything in the next few weeks, if I do it will be sparse.

So as not to leave you empty handed, I leave you with a cat meme:




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4 responses to “So, NaNo

  1. so how does this NaNoWriMo work? maybe I need some motivation…

    • Generally, just write 50,000 words by the end of November. They set 50,000 words as a basic, small novel though some people think a novel is more. Just go with it. This will be a fist draft of a novel ( you spend the next months after revising if you want to publish).

      However, is the best resource for it. Sign up there and you will have access to pep talks and forums to talk to other WriMos. It is a huge and awesome community!

      There are quite a few novels that were written during NaNo that were made into movies (If I am not mistaken, Water for Elephants and The Life of Pi are two of them) so it IS possible! DH is working on his second book this month.

      The idea is just to give you a goal. You don’t really “get” anything for it other than bragging rights…but it is an accomplishment just to get part way there, I think! I have been participating for a few years and never made it past 10K words…but I keep trying anyway!

    • Oh, and another thing…don’t think you have to write a certain thing. There are some that are called “rebels” that maybe don’t write novels, but short stories or biographies or whatever. The idea is just to get your butt in your seat to write. 🙂 Go to the website and check it out…then you can decide from there. Doesn’t cost anything! 😀

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