So. Well. Where do I begin this post? Let’s backtrack. Back in April I had some pains in my pelvic area. Thinking this was a simple ovarian cyst (I have had them ever since I started my first period) I didn’t think much of it. I bought some Pamprin and went about my day. Generally speaking, the pain would be bad one day, and better the next so I never thought to go to the doctor about it. Until a month went by. In May I woke up one night with the pain so bad I could not walk. It shot down my leg and around my back. I have never experienced anything like this in my life. Long story short, I went to the ER. I don’t want to re-write what I have already written, so feel free to read the previous post I linked to before continuing. It’s ok, I can wait.




So, Now you have read what happened to me back in May I will continue with this post.

Wednesday I had the exact same pain I had back in May, though not quite as severe as what sent me to the ER. My first reaction was to call Dr T and get in to see him since my concern is that the previous fear is correct and I have blood pooling behind my scars. Sigh. I went to see Dr T last night and sure enough he agrees with Dr S that there is blood in there that can’t escape. Doc gave me pain meds to get me until we can do what we have to do. In the meantime I have to have another ultrasound (Monday) and then see Dr T when he comes back into town (of course this has to happen when Dr T is out of town all next week, hence the pain meds).

I will say here that I am pretty sure I am heading for yet another surgery…a hysterectomy this time. I will say also that I really don’t want another surgery. I think I have filled my quota of surgeries this year, I really don’t want another one. But, what else can I do?

This sucks and I am nervous and pissed. I don’t want to be cut again (hell, I just go over my LAST surgery) and I also don’t want to feel the kind of pain I had back in May. I am pissed because it seems my body is determined to betray me…but I guess that is why every other woman in my family has had their girl parts removed by the time they are 40 (though to be fair, everyone had them removed for various reasons). Here I was thinking I was going to be the exception to the rule. Damn genetics.



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