Dog Days (& Nights)

Last night was better than the previous nights. He did bark, but he also had periods of rest in between. DH had figured out his bathroom barks and while sometimes he goes before we get up, that is a start.

I read that if you put a radio in there on talk radio it can help…well…he barked at it all night so DH turned it off. LOL So much for that. Or maybe he just didn’t like talk radio. We also put a fleece blanket in there that he seems to like. It is one of ours so our smell is all over it.

We just can’t figure him out though. He seems to only go potty when he is excited…so he almost always poops in the night when he is upset. Not sure what to think or do about that.

I like my stuffie man.

I like my stuffie man.

We were able to get a lot of sleep last night. Not a full night’s sleep, but better than the 2 nights before. We have heard from friends that it can take up to 2 weeks to get used to being alone at night (which wouldn’t be an issue if he was house trained). As long as we have a time line I think we can make it, even if it does take longer, at least it is a ball park figure we can work with.

I was telling DH last night that when we had infants we always had a time frame to base things on. They usually sleep through the night around X age, they do something else at X age, and so on. It is very hard to find ball park time frames with the pupster. However, we can deal with everything else as long as in about 2 weeks he doesn’t bark all night. He can bark some of the night, just not all night. I think we will be ok.

We will still not get another dog. This experience has totally reinforced my Crazy Cat Lady personality. Long Live the Cats!


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