Not. Ever. Again.

The puppy is killing us. He barks all night no matter what we do. I understand he wants to be with us…but that isn’t possible. He isn’t house trained and he is a puppy – in other words he will shit everywhere and chew everything. His bladder and bowel control is amazing. He doesn’t seem to have an issue waiting for us to take him to pee, but he won’t poop outside for anything. He waits until night when we put him in the kitchen and poops then. We even tried staying up extra late and take him out ever so many minutes…he still holds it until he gets upset at night.

This is why we put him in the kitchen instead of the crate. He would poop in the crate and then get it everywhere. At least in the kitchen he has the whole kitchen to poop. Actually, I don’t care about the poop. I care about him barking all night. Yes. ALL. NIGHT.  Sigh.

No more dogs. When this dog goes… that is it. Reinforces my belief that cats rule.

Wish us luck.



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2 responses to “Not. Ever. Again.

  1. LOL He is a good dog. He has begun to listen to some commands. He has a very sweet disposition. Not wild and crazy like some puppies. He just barks all damn night. We don’t mind getting up a few times a night to take him out…if he would tell us he needs to go out. Apparently Bichon Frise’s don’t like to be potty trained. Fine. Do what you have to in the kitchen on the pads. Just don’t bark all night!!!

    My advice to you would be to get a dog that is about a year old, already potty trained and broken of bad habits (like barking at night). Other than the barking, he really is a good dog. I just will never go through this ever again. Cats are so much better! lol

  2. you are scaring me!! I want to get a puppy…
    please fast forward a year or so and tell me he is your BFF!