Frankenboobs and Marshmallows

Went to the surgeon yesterday for another checkup. I think he is generally making sure that everything is “settling” ok and that I won’t need revisions later. Apparently everything is settling ok and I am healing quite well. I just have that pesky problem with hyper-sensitivity in my right boob button so I opted for “the shot”.

“The shot” consists of some numbing medication and a steroid. The numbing meds obviously numb things. Sometimes you get in a pain loop and need to be numb the area to break that cycle. The steroids help the healing process of the nerves.

The numbing meds were supposed to work for about 6 hours. They worked for about 45 minutes. Anyone who has had a steroid injection knows what is coming next…a burning like fire. That lasted for about an hour or so.  So, I didn’t get the relief that I had anticipated, but I do feel that it helped at least a little. I am not quite as sensitive as I was. I am hoping this is the beginning of some serious healing.

Afterward we left the surgeons office we went to the pet store and got a dog. Save your breath if yo are going to lecture me on puppy mills. I get it. However, when there is no breeder within a 300 mile radius that breeds the kind of dogs we were looking for (small house dogs), the shelters all have big dogs/pit bulls and the rescues (SIX rescues to be exact – see my previous post) refuse to adopt to families with kids, what choice did we really have? So, after some thought and discussion we decided to get a dog from the pet store. They need homes just as much as any other dog…and chances are they would end up in a rescue anyway for one reason or another. He was already there for 9 weeks (!!!). I had a feeling he was running out of time. It seems most of the people that came in just wanted to only play with the dogs (sad) or only wanted some of the bigger/prettier dogs (boxers/dobies).

Anyway, here is our little dog:

Marshmallow Sleeping

They call me Marshmallow

He is a little Bichon Frise, no bigger than my cat. He is a puppy and considering we did get him from a pet store we are concerned mostly about his health as he gets older. I am hoping we got lucky, if not…well…we will love him anyway and do the best we can for the little guy.

Podling LOVES him. She wants him to be HER dog. Not only are we in the process of trying to train Marshmallow, we are trying to train her to be a good dog owner. She wants to run and play with the little puff ball, but sometimes he just wants a nap!

I think the biggest challenge right now is house training. The stores let them poop and pee in their cages, so this can be a problem with an already notorious breed for house training. Just going to do the best we can to be consistent with it and hopefully it will happen sooner rather than later.

Expect to see Marshmallow pictures show up here more often.

Anywho, that is my life up to this point.



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