Doggone It

Podling wants a dog. She wants a small dog. She wants one so bad she can taste it.

Last week we went to Tennessee for our annual vacation. We go to see my family that lives there and we only go once a year. One of the family members came over with their little dog, a Toy Australian Shepherd. She was so little and so cute and Podling fell in love immediately. Podling had nothing but love and affection for the little dog. She was gentle with it and only wanted to sit and pet the little thing. She cried when they left and took the little dog with them. A few days later another family member came over with a litter of puppies (he breeds them). These dogs get bigger than a pit bull, so these were out of the question…but the little puppies were soo freaking cute and fuzzy. Again, Podling found one she liked and she played with it until they left.  Again she was gentle and loving and while she didn’t cry when he took the dogs back home, she did give hugs and kisses to the one she liked.

We had considered getting a dog for the kids for some time. We live in the city, though not urban, and can’t really let a dog run lose like you would if you lived in the country so we decided we wanted a small dog that can easily be kept inside. We have actually been thinking on this for some time before the vacation, but after Podling saw the little dogs we decided we may as well look into adopting one. We were sure we wanted to adopt because of puppy mills and too many homeless pets as it is. When we got our cat, he was a rescue from a shelter. He is an awesome cat and we looked forward to having an awesome dog.

DH decided last night to email a few small dog shelters/rescues and ask about the process and so on. He let them know we had kids and so we needed a dog good with children. He got the replies today and, I hate to say it, I think we are going to have to go with a breeder.

One said that small dogs are not for kids. One had a FIVE page application. For those of you who run these institutions, I have a few words for you.

While I understand that you want to make sure your pet is going to a good forever home, if you make the application process like the process to buy a house, or turn down everyone who has kids…no one is going to adopt your animals.

We don’t have bad children, they are going on the older side as opposed to young toddler/infant. They know about animals and care about them as we already have animals in the house. We have taught them how to behave around them (not hitting, screaming, etc.) and from the experience on vacation, I feel that they are ready for another animal in the house.

If you have a lot of rescues, don’t get all pissy when no one adopts your animals, then get sad because they have to be euthanized because you have too many to take care of. Don’t be mad because no one is willing to give your animals a forever home when you feel that no one is good enough for your animals or make the adoption process tedious and tiring. Don’t get mad when you start to run out of money for your organization because you have too many animals. 

I am not saying give out animals to anyone. I am saying don’t discount someone/some family because they aren’t what you feel is ideal. Many of us are responsible pet owners. Many of us have good kids and teach them how to care for animals. Think on that the next time someone comes to you for a pet and you summarily write them off because of reasons.



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