Frankenboobs 3: Return of the Frankenboobs

Ok, so I skipped a week. Sorry! I just plain forgot to post! Not much has really happened. My incisions are pretty much healed. Stitches are coming out on their own … ones that haven’t already dissolved. Now, I just have long red scars across my ribs and thin ones around the nipple and down the bottom of the breast. I am having issues with the incision junctions at the nipple and bottom of my breast. They are just healing very slowly. I also have issues with hyper-sensitivity. I know I have spoke of these things before. It is all normal. Arm movement makes the incisions weird. Nerve regeneration makes the hyper-sensitivity. It will all get better soon.

At least that is what I keep telling myself.

Anywho, I saw the surgeon again today. He said everything is still looking good and things are settling well. Everything is still symmetrical and looking good. He did offer to give me a shot in my one hyper-sensitive nipple. Some kind of long acting numbing med and steroids to hurry up the healing and cut down and nerve inflammation. I turned him down only because the idea of having a needle jabbed in my boob is not appealing. However, I will see him in 2 weeks and if I am still having issues then I will have the shot. *shudder*

I am planning a post for a later date about the bras I have found the most comfortable. I just need to take a few pics and such and things have been a little crazy here that I just keep forgetting. I know I wish I would have found all that out before I went bra shopping!


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  1. i meant to say congratulations (?) if that’s the right term. I know a few women who struggled with the back pain and as a nurse I’m glad everything went well.
    I think you’ll get back to yourself pretty quickly now!
    Three cheers for proportionate boobs!!!!