I had my first post op appointment yesterday. Today marks a week since my surgery. Doc took off all the wound dressings and padding and revealed my new girls in all their bruised and stitched glory. I had to laugh at myself as I wasn’t sure what to think…they looked like Frankenstein boobs to me with all the swelling and bruises.

Doc says everything is good though. The swelling is slowly going down and he said that as long as it is going down it will be good. It just may take a while for it to completely go. I have to say the swelling is the most annoying part as I have issues bringing my hands together in front of me (like for typing this or just washing my hands).

I am cleared to sleep how I want now, except on my stomach. I slept in the bed last night for the first time after sleeping in the recliner for a week. It took some getting used to, still couldn’t sleep on my side, but I managed. It was still a lot more comfy than the recliner!

One last thing, last Thursday I ended up calling the on call doc. That is when the swelling was at it’s worst and I had what seemed to be a sunburn all over my chest, neck and arms. Apparently I had a reaction to the prep stuff they use on the skin for surgery. I had to take Benadryl for a few days since he said that stuff doesn’t wash off. I also had to go in Friday to make sure that the swelling was just swelling and not fluid building up (no drains, remember?). It was determined that it was just pretty bad swelling and to ice my boobs, which I do. Those little tidbits may be important for someone coming here thinking of getting this surgery. I am confident it will all be worth it once the swelling goes down! 🙂



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