There IS a novelist in the family!

No, not me! Silly! I was so far behind it will take a long time for me to catch up. Hubs is the novel writer. He validated his word count this morning and is officially in the winner’s circle! He hit 50k earlier last week, but all you WriMos know yo can’t validate until the 25th. With all that said, he isn’t even done with his book! According to him he is just now getting to the “meat” of the story so he still has quite a bit of writing to do before even revising it. The good thing is he made 50k words, so he can get all those great deals from NaNo Sponsors.

Even if I never make 50k in a month, now I know first hand that it can, indeed, be done!

If you are a WriMo and reading this:

If you made 50k – AWESOME! Congratulations!

If you haven’t made 50K – You still have time left! Why are you reading this instead of writing!?

For everyone else – You can always sign up for Camp NaNoWriMo in the summer. 😉



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