NaNo Week 2

Kinda late getting this one out. I have been extremely busy! Thanksgiving is coming up next week and there were certain things I wanted to get done before then, namely painting my daughter’s room and painting a hallway.  I did get most of those things done (I am using a stencil on my girl’s room walls…this will take some time to do, I just got the base coat on for now) but at the expense of letting my housework go. That will be today and tomorrow.

With that said and done I have managed to log 11,085 words for my novel. This is an official count from the NaNo word counter which is actually a few more words more than my Scrivener count! Yay! Next week is going to be really busy and hectic so I will be late checking in then as well. Just a warning. I am going to keep chugging a long and see how far I can get. Though I won’t be able to win NaNo this year, I will keep writing my book in the hopes of one day in the future at least getting the first draft done!

Happy Writing!

NaNoWriMo Word Count Week 2


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