Play Ball!

DH and I decided to take a weekend trip with the kids the last weekend. We drove 4+ hours to Cooperstown, NY for a mini vacation. We started out Saturday and got a room on Oneonta (not recommended to stay at the Holiday Inn there. Let’s just say it wasn’t pleasant) and went to a harvest festival at The Farmer’s Museum. I have to say, we were disappointed. I thought it was a “farmer’s museum”, which is why we went since Babyhead decided he wants to be a farmer, but it wasn’t. It was simply a living history village.  I thought maybe there would still be some “farmer” memorabilia, but no.  There was a truck exhibit and some sad living history type things, but nothing like we had planned for.

We went back to the hotel disappointed and decided to eat at Applebee’s. We never really like Applebee’s but it was the only “safe” restaurant in the town that we could be sure the kids would eat something. Again, a big disappointment. The food was mediocre, the service was sooo sloooow and the bill was astronomical. We paid almost as much for that meal as we did for the T-Rex cafe!

Sunday, we went to the Baseball Hall of Fame. I have to say, while it was small we did enjoy it.  It was nice seeing the history of the sport and read about a lot of things we never knew.  After that we walked down Main St and popped into a baseball wax museum. Wasn’t much to it, but it was mildly entertaining. After that we started on the 4+ hour drive home.

I have to say that when you think of New York, you don’t think of small one horse towns and scenic mountainside, but that is what we found. Dh and I both felt that while it wasn’t worth the drive for the Farmer’s museum and even the Hall of Fame, seeing the landscape WAS  worth it. What can I say, we have a great affinity for nature. 🙂

All in all we had a good time. It was a nice trip in spite of the disappointments.  Now we are back to the grind. While I promise nothing, I do hope to get back to writing and posting more.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


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