Mouse House Cont’d

We had sloppy joes for dinner last night. When Babyhead went upstairs to hang out until bedtimes, DH and I stayed in the kitchen at the table trying to coax Podling to eat. We were chatting while occasionally reminding the girl to eat when we heard a terrible squeaking sound.

Our first thought was a mechanical failure in something such as the ceiling fan or fridge or some other appliance. Then, we see Kitterpuss walking tall with a mouse in his mouth. He was a tiny little thing as all we could see was his head. I scream (when did I become so wussy? LOL) and demand DH to “get it”.  DH grabs and empty soup can and got Kitter to drop the mouse. He quickly put the can over the mouse and I realize the can really is too small to contain the little guy, so I get another cup like the last one.

Of course, the mouse escapes when DH tries to move him to the cup. Again I scream and start jumping around thinking he may have run into my shoe…only to see Kitter with it in his mouth again trying to run way, his tail fur completely parallel to his tail! LOL It was his trophy and he wanted to keep it!


DH manages to get the mouse, once again, in the cup and Kitter is NOT happy and tries to knock the cup out of DH’s hands to get the mouse. When all was said and done, we took the little guy down by the creek and released him to be with his brother.


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