Mouse House

DH and I were sleeping last night when, at about 2am, we heard a bizarre noise. We assumed it was the cat playing and DH decided to get up and go to the bathroom and get a drink (why not, already awake..). When he got back to bed I asked him what the cat was doing to make such a strange noise. He said that Kitter must have been chasing a mouse around the house since he heard squeaking and the cat was going crazy. The noise we originally heard must have been the mouse screaming for his life (now that I think on it, it was kind of squeaky in a way).

I have to assume the cat didn’t catch the mouse. It did take us a while to go back to sleep with the fear of a ‘present’ being dropped on our pillows, but we didn’t find a mouse anywhere else in the house. Kitter did receive plenty of extra petting last night and was allowed to sleep on my extra pillow above my head.

Good Kitterpuss.


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  1. That’s a good kitty. Unless they’re wearing white gloves and working for Disney, mom doesn’t like them either around here at the Hotel Thompson. I myself have never seen one but the purr things here have told me about them. Shivers – XOXO – Bacon