Separation Anxiety

I am starting to feel some separation anxiety. It doesn’t make a ton of since at this point in the year. I won’t have to worry for quite a few more months. You see, my Podling will be 5 in June. That means in September she will be starting Kindergarten. When Babyhead started school I still had Podling to keep me company during the day. While you feel proud and sad at the same time when your oldest starts school, you always have the little one to ground you a little bit and distract you from missing the other too much.

This year I won’t have anyone to keep me distracted.

I have been trying  to busy myself with getting her ready. Being able to write her name (she can!), count to 10, know her colors and shapes. I plan on getting workbooks for her to work on with me while we wait for September to roll around. I didn’t give it a ton of thought, trying not to think about it too much. Then I saw a post from a friend whose baby is on the cusp of that wonderful milestone of crawling. I starting to think about when my kids were that tiny…how they would get on their hands and knees and “rev up” but not go anywhere. Then the thought of Podling going to school invaded the sweet memory and I tears came to my eyes.

My babies are growing up. They aren’t babies anymore. Babyhead loves his monster trucks and wresting and is determined to be a Monster Truck Driver when he grows up – though we do try to prime him for more than just Monster Truck driving with ideas that he can build the first Transformer if he puts his mind to it. Podling hasn’t made up her mind, she still says she is a Princess, but I know she is destined for Great Things as well.

Sometimes I wonder what they will be like when they are older. What kind of adults are they going to be. I know when they go to high school I will have tears in my eyes, and when they go to collage I am sure I will be a basket case.  I am sure I will be proud when they get a good job that they want and cry at the weddings and grandchildren. But in the back of my mind, I think I will always see them rolling around on the floor, revving up to crawl.



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2 responses to “Separation Anxiety

  1. Ah, we’ve wondered what this would be like….right now we’re up to our eyeballs in the infant to toddler transition (okay, so they’re really toddlers, but I can still call them almost-infants!). I know eventually we’ll get to that point where we’ll yearn for them to be small again. (PS. “Babyhead” and “Podling” are hilarious.)

    • It’s always difficult to imagine them NOT like they are..then all of a sudden they aren’t like that and you miss it. This is especially true if they are difficult infants…you pray it is over soon, the next thing you know it is over and you can actually remember the good times. 🙂