R.I.P to Miss Mouse

We had a mouse in our house. She came in right before the weather started cooling off around the beginning of October.

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She has also been driving us crazy. She would travel our house using the baseboard heating pipes and at night that is all you could hear is the bumping and scratching in the heater.

We bought some glue traps…but she figured out how to get the bait off as well as herself loose from the glue. Last night we went to eat dinner at my Dh’s aunts house. She gave us some snap traps that are like little plastic mouths. You smear peanut butter on the underside of the top to lure them in, then step on the trigger and the top snaps down. we put one in our bedroom where we here the most activity and one in the kitchen where I found a mouse hole in the wall (under one of our baseboard heaters no less).

Last night we heard her running around the heater again. I think she wasn’t sure what to do since we had the heat on all night. I think the pipes got a little hot for her feet and heard her squeak a few times. I thought for sure we would get her. She never went near the trap.

This morning my daughter was in the foyer playing on the computer. She had her TV in there on and closed to pocket doors so she didn’t have to listen to my TV show. The next thing I know she is screaming for me. I slide the doors back and she begins to tell me in a terrified voice about a mouse in my bedroom and how it broke the window. I was curious about the whole thing and reassured her I would check it out.

Sure enough Miss Mouse found the trap. Podling heard her squeak and the trap snap. She knew it was a mouse and heard a noise that to her sounded as if it was a window breaking. I assured Podling that I would call Daddy and we would take care of everything and not to worry.

Poor little mouse

I do feel really bad. I ask forgiveness for killing the small little creature as I do feel that all life is sacred, even a little house mouse. She just wanted to be warm and fed, but at the same time I could have her in my house getting into our food and overrunning us with little baby mice. I told DH that if I knew that I could feed the little thing and not have a horde of mice in my house, I would…but that is now how mice work much like other rodents. You feed them once and the next thing you know there is a slew of them taking over your house.

To, to little Miss Mouse,

Please forgive me for the trap. I can only hope that there is a Mouse Heaven and you are now eating all the cheese and peanut butter you can eat. What I did was not out of malice, but of protection for my family. Please accept my apologizes and I sincerely hope you are warmer and safer have more food then you could have here on Earth.

R.I.P. Miss Mouse


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