Or rather, spoiled and/or rotten. That is the is the word my grandmother use to instead of ruined. As in “that bread is rurnt”. 5 days without power and you realize all the things you take for granted. Our power came back on yesterday around 5pm just as we were getting the kids ready for belated trick or treating. We all did a happy dance and many of our neighbors and my hubs went outside and screamed thanks to the PECO men who worked such long and hard days to get the power back on.

The 2 days before we were able to borrow a small generator to at least run a space heater and charge up cell phones. The day before we went to Target and Sears to get an electric skillet and hot plate to maybe cook food with since it didn’t look like we would be able to have power any time soon. The only downside is we had to be conscious of how much power any appliance drew as our generator was less than 2000 watts. To give you an idea of how much that is…a typical space heater on LOW uses 1000. Small kitchen appliances such as the hotplate use 1500. Luckily someone got Podling a LED DVD/TV combo that only took 35 watts to run. We could have a little heat and some distraction for a while.

All our food in the deep freezer and refrigerators went bad. We cleaned all that out and scrubbed the appliances yesterday before the power came back on. The house is in disarray since we have pretty much been living in one room to keep warm. With only a small amount of light at night I could only do little bits of cleaning during the sunny part of the day when we were home. We spent a lot of time outside of the house just to keep warm before we got the generator. Every so often we would sit in the car to warm up.

Last night I took a nice long hot shower and turned the heat to 72 to get the house warm once again. I forgot to turn it back down and in the middle of the night woke up hot…I just lay in the bed enjoying the fact I could even think of turning the heat down where as less than 24 hours before we were piled on the couch under blankets.

We are good now, thankfully but still many are without power or food. My namesake hurricane really did a number on the coast. My thoughts and prayers are with them in hopes their lives can get back to normal sooner rather than later as well.


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