The Powers that Be

Well, I had hopes that I would be able to blog about this on my computer, but that looks like it will be a while before that happens. So, This is being posted from my phone. Please excuse typos as it is hard to edit for some reason.

We survived Hurricane Sandy, though we no lo.ger have power. PECO energy isn’t saying anything on why we don’t have power….though pretty much the rest of the town is lit except our section.  One minute they wil say it will be back on the same day, the next minute it is 3 days from now. We can’t understand how the sections around us can be powered but not us.

The biggest issue here isn’t really comfort or convenience, but safety. It is starting to get pretty cold and there are no non-electric heaters to be found. Someone is letting us borrow a generator, but it came too late to save our food and it is barely big enough to keep us all warm. I worry about my kids but I also worry about the elderly in our section. I wonder if they have heat and food as well.


Monopoly in the Dark

There are no motel rooms to speak of, except those far away. DH still has to work and Babyhead will go back to school at some point. I used to think we could manage but we are even having difficulty finding camping supplies.

Relatives are overrun with others


R.I.P. Garden Shed

that have no power as well and it seems to much to add 7 more people on an already strained household. While we do have places to go if needed, we are trying to make do and not over burden anyone.

It’s hard to be thankful at times like these. As a parent you worry about the safety and wellbeing of your kids. However, there are things to be thankful for such as surviving the storm and the house surviving as well. Other family made it out as well with he only caualty being our shed.

It would just be nice if I could be thankful and warm at the same time.


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