Our House, is a Very Very Very Fine House

Wow, it has been a rough and tumble few months! We settled on our house on April 20. Then had my birthday, which by the way is the same day I broke my fibula walking in our (new) yard and finding a hidden hole with my foot. That weekend we moved my ILs into their new place above us, however it would take us until the very last weekend before our lease was out on the apartment to move our stuff due to my broken leg (no way to get to the apartment to pack, we had moved essential stuff into the house ASAP so we could start living here).

We are now in our house but with boxes still littering the place. My cast/air boot is off my leg so I can drive and move more freely. Slowly we are getting our house put together the way we want it. Still need to paint here and there and Babyhead’s room is still covered in boxes. We had a minor hiccup with our fridge (had to be replaced) and our kitchen sink (didn’t have to be replaced, but did have to replace the valves under the sink).

The ILs had some major minor issues with their kitchen and bathroom, but all is taken care of now. Even with all the issues we are happy in our new house. A lot of work to do still, but we aren’t planning on moving anymore so we have plenty of time to do things.

Babyhead spent some time in TN with the G’rents by himself before we went down for our own vaca. Podling turned 4 and DH even gained another year since I last spoke with you. Not a whole lot else to say to catch up other than I am starting my guitar lessons next week, I am not sure I want to continue with my exercise class and I am seriously working on ideas for Nanowrimo.

So, there you go. All caught up. Now… I need to go back to unpacking.

Painting my kitchen, I hate that green…


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