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We had a teacher conference yesterday for Babyhead. Over the Easter break he had a diorama he had to do about Chimpanzees so we were eager to hear what the Mrs. B had to say about it. Babyhead put in a lot of thought to his project and we were very proud of him for it. The instructions were pretty simple since they are 1st graders – clay or cut outs in habitat. They needed to show what they eat and so forth and try to make an adult and a baby if possible. While we didn’t have a “baby” BH did make two chimps and we made them out of that foamy Crayola clay as well as trees and such. We all were very satisfied with the outcome. One of the big things in the paperwork they sent home was that they expected 1st grade work and that the parents can assist but not do the project.

Side Note:I didn’t get a pic before we sent it to school but I will post one when we get the project back.

Expressway Extension Diorama

Expressway Extension Diorama (Photo credit: PMC 1stPix)

We walked down the hall and saw all the tables with the 2 first grade classes dioramas. Of course BH’s was at the end on the last table. 🙂 We ooo’d and aaah’d over it and Mrs. B said that everyone loved his project. We had our conference and when we were leaving we were admiring his project once more. Then we began to look at the other projects and felt a little pissed off. Not that we were jealous, it just seemed that the parents didn’t follow the directions and went the easy way buying plastic animals and such for their projects. While I don’t recall if it was expressly forbidden, it just seemed like cheating since there were kids who followed the directions. There were some with cutout animals and others made of clay or play dough…so it seems that these people that took the easy way and just bought plastic animals at the store was almost cheapening the work these other kids put into their projects. One of the kids even shaped dolphins from play dough and make them stand up as if they were jumping out of the water!

Maybe I am getting to worked up. Maybe it is just the mom in me or something. I have to wonder if the parents were just too lazy or that they wanted they wanted their kids to get an “A” for the project. Of course it is going to look good if you have plastic animals there and not drawn and cut or clay animals that 1st graders made.

Either way, we haven’t said anything to Babyhead about it. He kept saying he wanted a good grade on his project and we let him know that it was great and we were sure he did well (he did, the teacher gave him a proficient…I guess they don’t get number grades in 1st grade). We also told him that Mrs. B said his was one of the favorites…but we won’t say anything about the others. To me they aren’t worth mentioning to him at all.


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