Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign

After Storm

After Storm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When Dh and I started dating, I was living in Georgia. He was going to fly down to meet me for a holiday weekend and while it wasn’t going to be for very long I think we were both excited. After all, it was the first time we would have seen each other in person. The plan was he was going to fly down in the middle of the day, I had already cleared it with my office to have him hang out until quitting time, and then go to my place to stay. I worked at a hospital, or rather a medical center attached to one so I thought that it would be a public enough place to have a first meeting…and be able to get out of anything if any red flags went up.

The problem was his flight. I forget now after all these years what happened at first, all I know is his flight was delayed. At some point all the masks fell in the plane while they were boarding which delayed it even more. Then as they were taxi-ing out top the runway another plane’s tire blew and threw a piece of rubber into the engine of his plane effectively canceling his flight. After a lot of arguing with the airline he got another flight to somewhere and connecting flight to Georgia. All this took twelve hours. It was midnight by the time he got to the hospital (I was a stickler for meeting there). All was going well until we started to get a thunderstorm and tornado warnings. The bad part of this was I was new to the area and wasn’t sure what county I was in so I wasn’t sure exactly where the tornadoes where in relation to me.  All in all it turned out well and I ultimately moved to PA to be with him.

I should have had a clue then.

Fast forward a few years to our wedding. It seems like every time we turned around minor things were causing stress. I also think he family wanted something more formal, we wanted something more casual. A few days before the wedding we started getting hurricane warnings. We were going to be married in the local park so this could be an issue. The minister called me up and asked what we were going to do? I told her that I had family up from TN and that if she could get to us we would just have the wedding in the house since they couldn’t come back, but let’s hope that doesn’t happen! I remember going to pick Dh up from the bachelor party at what is now Dave & Buster’s…and having to deal with high winds and downed tree limbs in the road. Ultimately the hurricane blew itself out the night before and left us with clear and sunny skies for our ceremony.  The only issue then was a nest of hornets decided to take up shop under one of the trash cans by the pavilion we were at. The minister in her opening made a comment about our tendency to have
bad things happen to us and we all laughed since that is indeed what
seemed to be. We got married, everyone had a good time and life went on.

Should have seen it then too.

Fast forward a bit to the birth of my son. Dh as in a horrible job, we had no health insurance and he actually was laid off right before I went into the hospital. While my pregnancy was pretty uneventful, labor was hell. My body and Babyhead didn’t want to cooperate and I ended up with an epidural that wore off on the right side of my body right before I had to have a c-section. We had been fighting with the midwives for 2 days to stay in the hospital even though I was a week and a half over due. The Doc on call was on our side and said I needed to have the baby now, and so we did. After 3 days all was well.

It didn’t even occur to me then.

Fast forward a few years to me being pregnant with my daughter. It was right before Christmas and I ended up hemorrhaging in the middle of the night. We thought we were going to lose her as I was only 10 weeks along. My awesome doctor (the same that delivered my son) found the reason for the blood and we got it all fixed only for me to have the worst case of morning sickness and food aversion ever. I barely ate and thanked goodness I was already overweight to at least have somewhere for her nutrients to come from. Then I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes and was restricted even more on what I could eat. The only saving grace was my c-section this time went swimmingly. However, she has still been what my MIL calls a “challenge”.

Still didn’t see it.

Fast forward to now. We are trying to buy a house but it seems that for every two steps we take we have to take on more back. Nothing seems to be going like it should…everything from little annoyances to big issues that could keep us from buying the house.

Then, just today it occurred to me that with every big thing that happens in our lives something big has to happen seemingly in order to test our resolve. First is was that very first meeting face to face. Then the hurricane, then the issues with bringing my son into the world, then my daughter. With every big occurrence there has been a big stress and worry to go with it.

I told DH this and we laughed at the coincidences in our lives together. I told him this is actually comforting but all the other times it managed to work itself out at the last minute…I am sure the house thing will too.

A few  years ago I read a book by Sylvia Brown, the psychic. While I know a lot of people feel she is a fake, I still like listening to her, though I do feel like charging $800 for a session is highway robbery…anyway. In this book she spoke about The Other Side and how we as spirits before we are born plan out our life very carefully. However, we aren’t supposed to know the path we are on otherwise we wouldn’t learn what we were meant to learn. BUT-in order to let our subconscious self know what we are on the path we set out for ourselves we have sign posts throughout mostly in the form of De’ja’vu. The other night as I was getting up once again to check on Babyhead (he was having a bad reaction to some medication) I felt like I had done that same thing before…down to where my glasses where on the side table, the kind of glass I had, the light shining in the window. It was very spooky. I had to think that maybe we were on the right path and that I just had to wait the whole thing out much like Babyhead has to do with his allergic reaction.

I guess that is it then. Wait and see and have faith…but the next time we make a big life decision I will be on the look out for the storm.



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  1. Very interesting! I think you might be onto something…