Because I don’t want to pack…

Cottage Sale

Cottage Sale (Photo credit: Keith Williamson)

We are in the waiting phase for the house. Waiting for the seller to sign some stuff. Waiting for the appraiser to say to the mortgage company that yes, it is worth the loan we are asking for. I think the housing market is a racket. They never tell you all the shit that goes into buying and selling. There are fees out the wazoo for everything…certifications, inspections…things that won’t go into the loan that they really don’t tell you about until it is time. There are inspections the buyer has to pay for…there are inspections that seller has to pay for.  You have to have an appraisal of the house, but that only happens when you actually apply for the loan – not pre-approval, actually apply to get the money. This costs approx. $500. You have to have it, the bank demands it. Guess who pays for it.

Then if you live in a place like we do there are the local inspections, for us it is a township. This is paid by the seller. This can also cost $100 or more as where we are they like to be anal. While I get that they want the property to be habitable, it also seems a bit much… like someone coming in and white gloving your house.

Anyway, I am packing and waiting, hoping that the appraisal goes through and the seller signs off and hopefully we will be moving in April…and not unpacking all these boxes before even getting out the door.


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