Sorry Susan G. Komen. I can’t give you my money.

To be honest, I never really like your organization anyway. You always seemed a little full of yourself, a little “too big for your britches” kind of thing for my taste, almost narcissistic in that you seemed more concerned with your brand than actually trying to promote awareness and screening. Now I find out that you lobbied against important women’s health bills and instead of aligning yourself with women you align yourself squarely with politicians.

For the record, I could really care less what your political affiliations are, but when they start interfering with women’s, especially poor women’s, health there is a problem. With that said there are many other orgs out there they DO care about women of all financial abilities and are very deserving of my money. While I am sure that your org started as a good idea with a good cause, now you are just a bloated money making machine bent on getting your way. Shame on you for stepping so far away from your purpose.

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