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I had a nightmare last night. We were at my grandmother’s old house in Nashville and it was me, DH, Podling, Babyhead, the ILs, my dad, my sisters and of course the rest of my mom’s family. Apparently we were waiting for the world to end and we were spending our last few hours together.

I remember looking up at the sky and the clouds were flying by pretty fast, but now and again you could see the stars. Sometimes you could see the outline of a gear or cog around a star and I remember thinking that was pretty unusual, but it must have something to do with the world ending.

There must have been a meteor or something that was coming since many of us were on the porch looking at the sky waiting for something to happen. Then, Dh decided he has to leave to pick up the car…I am not sure why he decided to pick it up right then, but he said he would be back. I started crying and telling him why would he leave for a car knowing that at any minute we would die…how could he leave his me and the kids to die without him with us? ultimately he decided to stay.

Then, I saw what looked to be barrels on the road in front of the house and a horse and carriage. The horse tripped or slipped and fell. The guy driving the horse was being really mean and though the horse’s legs had been injured the man had a pickaxe and was using it to get the horse to move. I was freaking out and telling my dad that we needed to do something. My dad just said that the horse will probably need to be put down, but all I wanted was for the man to stop hitting it with the pickaxe. I remember saying, “OH MY GOD OH MY GOD” at the man’s treatment of this lame horse. Then, the man started to let out this maniacal laughter and began to skin this horse with the pickaxe…I remember seeing this horse’s eyes open and close. Even more bizarre was that with each layer of skin there was fur underneath it with more skin so the man just continued trying to take everything off down to the bone.

I woke up in a sweat and shaken and though I had to pee I couldn’t manage to shake the dream enough to get out of bed. I turned the electric blanket up a little more to get warm as I felt cold of a sudden, pulled the covered up to my ears and snuggled next to DH.

While I am not exactly sure what the dream was about, I am pretty sure it has something to do with the stress we are going through trying to buy a house with my ILs. I will have to think on the symbolism a little bit more…but I have to say I hate those dreams that seems so real, yet are so bizarre that I can’t manage to get out of bed to shake it off.

UPDATE: After a few hours of thinking a telling DH about the dream, I actually remembered a few other details… When looking at the sky there was like cave art or doodles that were sometimes superimposed over the sky and at one point before I saw the horse and cart, my sister and I went down the stairs of the porch and there was a bear in the yard. The bear chased me back on the porch, but I didn’t really feel threatened like he wanted to hurt me, more like a big dog wanting to jump on me…


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