The Sound of Failure

I didn’t make it. I really REALLY tried, but just couldn’t. I managed to chug out a little over 2000 words, but that wasn’t even close to the goal. It is really frustrating when I would have a thought and actually sit down to write and some crisis would happen with the kids and the moment was gone. There were many hours I just sat at the computer, or with a notebook and pencil, and just stared. Nothing would come to mind. Not even bad dialog. Nothing. Just…blank.There were many many times I just sat at the computer and wanted to sob.

But, that is ok. I tried and anything I churned out wouldn’t have been read-worthy anyway. It was an exercise for me to try to flex long dormant writing muscles. With how my kids treated me, I am actually surprised I got as far as I did. I also got DH into the spirit. He had more words than I did, but still didn’t make the mark. Life kept getting in the way and we aren’t in a position to just throw it all to the wind just yet. We will try next year though.

Maybe in the future I can get the kids into it as well and we call all be writing…that may be the only way I can get any writing done…unless I ship them off Timbuktu…


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  1. You were productive that is all that matters! Focus on the good not the bad!