Early Christmas

NaNoWriMo Day 3So, DH got me a laptop for an early gift. He said it may help me write more for NaNoWriMo…maybe if I can get used to the cramped keyboard. 😉 All and all I do like it. I like being able to sit with my kids on the couch if I want to try to write. Not that I sit on the computer all day…Ok maybe I do sometimes (Can you say MINECRAFT)…but anyway… I am more likely to write if I don’t have to sit at my desk. Because I do like to sit with my kids, I don’t like to be at my computer all day.

Of course, that is also part of NaNoWriMo…is being unavailable for anything or anyone for 30 days…but with two small children I feel too guilty to ignore them for a month…this way I can be next to them and they will be content if not happy. One thing I have learned about kids is that they are like cats…they want you available even if they don’t want to play with you RIGHT THEN. If I am here next to them then it at least give that illusion that I am available…

Ok, enough procrastinating. I really need to write.



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