Your kids are right…school sucks.

School is killing me. I don’t mean getting up early (well early for ME) and getting the oldest ready and off…but school ITSELF is killing me. Last year we kinda breezed through because it was Babyhead’s first year and we really weren’t sure what we were doing. He had an awesome teacher and was doing well so we did the best we could…like all parents do when their oldest child heads to school for the first time.

This year is different. We have a feel for what is going on, what we want out of it, what we want for our son and ideas how to make this happen. Here I would like to say I have heard of the political nature of school administration and how many parents loathe the PTO/PTA. With that said, it didn’t really strike me until this year how ignorant some of these people running things are. First there is the “release” to take pictures of your kids and put there where they want to. If you say, no…I don’t want you taking pictures of my kids and putting them up on the Internet (we are VERY careful of what we put out there) then they say they won’t even put your child’s picture in the yearbook. It is an all or nothing approach and it is wrong. It is one thing to have a school picture printed in the yearbook. It is something else to have your kids pictures posted on the Internet for anyone and their grandmomma to grab. And yes, I meant GRAB.

Which brings me to the second issue. The website is HORRIBLE. I eventually broke down and offered an alternative to their own website (namely WordPress, but any other blogging software/website would do). The site they use now is just plain HTML and everything we learned NOT to do in web design is exactly what is going on there. How they get the news up that school is closed or news about the week is a SCROLLING MARQUEE, everything is centered down the screen. Links all over the place and POP UPS. I mean silly ones! You roll over the calendar link and it says IN A POP UP WINDOW “School Calendar”. ALL the links are like that for news, bulletin board, etc. Srsly??

So, I email and say that I have an idea that can make the site a little better, cleaner, user friendly, have a better address (right now it is hosted on a Comcast member website so the link is long and hard to remember). FREE. I was told that no, this one was fine. She maintains it on “her own equipment at home.” Well, my idea could be done the same way, but it would be EASIER TO NAVIGATE. Not to mention you can post update like school closings from your phone (last year we had to wait to see if the school was closed because her Internet was down and she couldn’t update the marquee…)

Selection of sweet and hearty pretzels (Germany)

Lastly comes the whole “no cupcake for birthdays” thing. And the”healthy” snack like fruit or veggies. Doesn’t matter if your kid won’t eat fruit or veggies (as a snack), you aren’t supposed to send in any crackers or such. For birthdays you can send in pencils, etc. (really??) or pretzels (really not that much “healthier). The whole “childhood obesity” thing HAS GOT TO GO. I can understand if most of the school actually had a weight problem…but 95% of these kids are NORMAL. Yes, they should be eating healthy, but you know what…even a diabetic can have a small cupcake and day and it not be bad for them.

So, now I am left to find out what to do for his birthday. Last year we didn’t do a school thing because his b-day is during winter break…but he said this year he wanted to do something because all the other kids do something…but I can’t really take anything but pencils and pretzels. Even though it will be right before Christmas. Maybe I should do some chocolate covered pretzels just to be ornery. “You said pretzels…here they are!”

I know this is just the beginning too. I feel like beating my head against the wall…and we are just now into October. Lord help me!

UPDATE:After writing this vent post, I did a search on “healthy school birthday treats.” One thing mentioned over and over again that I found most odd was Rice Krispie Treats. They are listed as healthy and acceptable. Seriously? My kid can’t have a cupcake but he can have a Rice Krispie Treat? Really? Do you KNOW what is in a marshmallow…SUGAR. And a RKT is basically rice and SUGAR. Don’t believe me?

Marshmallows are made from only a few ingredients, which fall into two main categories: sweeteners and emulsifying agents. Sweeteners include corn syrup, sugar, and dextrose. Proportionally, there is more corn syrup than sugar because it increases solubility (the ability to dissolve) and retards crystallization. Corn starch, modified food starch, water, gum, gelatin, and/or whipped egg whites are used in various combinations. The resulting combination gives the marshmallows their texture. They act as emulsifying agents by maintaining fat distribution and providing the aeration that makes marshmallows puffy. Gum, obtained from plants, also can act as an emulsifier in marshmallows, but it is also important as a gelling agent.

Most marshmallows also contain natural and/or artificial flavoring. If they are colored marshmallows, the color usually. comes from an artificial coloring.

The Manufacturing Process


  • 1 A solution is formed by dissolving sugar and corn syrup in water and boiling it. Egg whites and/or gelatin is mixed with the sugar solution. Then the ingredients are heated in a cook kettle to about 240°F (115°C). The resulting mixture is passed through a strainer to remove extraneous matter.
  • 2 In the pump, the mixture is then beaten into a foam to two or three times its original volume. At this stage, flavoring can be added.

I guess it is the cereal that makes it “healthy”. One other thing that was mentioned as “healthier” was a waffle topped with fruit and chocolate syrup. I guess it is the waffle in that one that makes it “healthy”. Seriously people. Seriously.



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  1. Smother those pretzels in chocolate and damn them all to Hades, I say! 😉

    • I think I am going to do a Rice Krispie Treat shaped like a cake and treat the kids to ones shaped like snow men or trees. Around that time of year Rice Krispies usually have holiday colored ones so it might make it fun.