Oh, My Blog…How I Have Missed Thee!!

In the past week, facebook has let me down. All their wacky changes (that I am sure someone likes, but I don’t) have made it difficult for me to do what I was there to do and that is keep up with friends and family that live out of state. After some reflection and realization that I really didn’t want to continue using it much (I will keep a profile so I can check in now and again), I realized that when facebook came around is when I really started to neglect my other web duties…mainly this blog and the family blog I have that used to be home to my pictures (until facebook).

Now that I have all but abandoned FB I realize that I might have time and subject matter to actually write here again. I did migrate to Google+ but at the moment I don’t see it becoming like fb. Too many people are addicted to fb and won’t make the change so I only have a few friends there. That’s fine with me. I won’t be spammed to play this game or another so that will be refreshing.

Well, at this time I need to get my kid to school, but be aware that I shall be writing more here like I used to.


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