Craziness…and a SCotD

My Life since August:

August – were rained on for weeks.

Then we had a hurricane.

First day of school.

Then I got a head cold.

Then I had a chest cold.

Then we found a little mold under my son’s bed (captain’s bed..basically a dresser with a bed on it).

We decided to take out said bed and replace it with bunk beds so my daughter could stop using the crib.

After cleaning around and pulling out said bed we realized that we had a leak in our apartment and the mold was actually the water from all the rain decaying the bed.

The next day after trashing I end up with a monster ear infection.

We buy new bunk beds.

I call the PCP and the ENT and no one can see me for my ear. They call something into the pharmacy.

Meds don’t work.

Get up new bunk beds. They are the wrong beds.

Furniture store refuses to help. They want us to rent a truck to bring the beds back.

Threaten to throw the merchandise into the dumpster before furniture store manager will agree to reimburse us for the truck rental.

Decide to just get them to pick it up…2 days later.

Buy new bunkbeds at another store.

Ear infection gets worse.

Feeling like I got hit in the face with a baseball bat from a pro ball player.

Call ENT emergency number.

Told I have to go to the ER.

Go to the ER.

Get 2 different antibiotics.

Get pain meds.

MMM…pain meds.

Ear gets better, though not sure from antibiotics or pain meds.

Mmm…pain meds.

Made an appt to see ENT.

Have 8th wedding anniversary.

ENT says everything looks good…keep taking meds.

Waiting on new bunkbeds from new store.

Waiting on refund from old store.

Forgets to write story for Uncombed Cats.

Finds the following Sassy Comment of the Day:

“When my boys were very young, I was lecturing them at the dinner table about eating vegetables. I said they would keep them healthy and thereby could save their lives some day. The 4 year old looked down at his plate and said “dad, I could get shot tomorrow and that potato couldn’t do a thing about it.”

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