Sassy Comment of the Day

Occasionally I find a comment that is funny or simply “true”. This is one of those comments from a Dear Abby Article:

RIck S. – All public restrooms have stalls situated so that when one walks into the stall the toilet is straight ahead and clearly visible. When one walks into the stall one should look at the toilet and quickly assess the seat placement situation. Bear with me now. This is where it may get tricky for you… If one needs to have the seat down to perform the task at hand and, the seat is up, pay attention now…. reach forward and put the seat down. See? Now it’s ready for your intended purpose. Okay, stay focused because were going to switch it up now…. If one needs the seat up and the seat is down simply step forward, raise the seat (remember last time we lowered the seat, now we’re raising the seat. Okay?) and do what one is there to do. It’s tough but maybe if we all work together we can make a go of it and put this crap behind us. Work on it folks. Help each other.


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